Speedometer Repair

A speedometer is one of those things you cannot afford to miss because you cannot rely on a hunch or manual signals to feel the gear and know whether you are within the correct speed limits. Vehicle speedometers are complicated little systems with intricate workings, and a slight misstep will significantly impact your driving.

What Are The Signs Of A Dysfunctional Speedometer?

The engine control unit converts the rotation speed into information passed onto the dashboard for communication to the driver. An issue with the system will manifest in the following ways:

  • A completely dead speedometer
  • Flickering engine light
  • Random readings of the speedometer
  • Faulty readings such as an extraordinarily high or low calibration of the fuel levels

What Causes Speedometer To Stop Working?

Faulty ECU

The engine control unit is the center of all speedometer functions, and any problem with it will cause a range of issues such as a flickering engine light, poor fuel efficiency, and problems with the gears. ECU issues are potentially expensive to fix, and you would need a lot of work to recalibrate and install the new unit.

Poor Wiring

The speedometer will usually drop to zero if there is a disconnect with the electrical system. Taking the vehicle to one of our shops will help ensure the fault does not expand to other areas because we follow all proper protocols when adding or removing features from the vehicle.

Broken Sensors

The sensor is an essential feature of the vehicle, and a break in the system will ultimately destabilize the speedometer and its functions. Faulty sensors will cause many transmission problems, issues with the gauge control, and lighting complications. A mechanic from Dashboard Instrument Cluster will follow the trail of issues down to the root issues and ensure that they repair and replace all necessary features.

Broken Gears

The analog speedometers can have broken cables because some shafts are made of plastic. We would need to remove all of the parts in the system, such as the gauge cluster and gears, to ensure the systems are in excellent condition and you can navigate the vehicle with the right speed readings.

Fix A Misreading Speedometer

Do not risk driving anywhere with a faulty speedometer because a catastrophe only takes a moment to occur. Your mechanic may help you determine whether the problems lie with the speedometer so that you can send it to us for repairs or replacements. It will serve you better to arrange a consultation so we can look at the vehicle’s entirety and find a more accurate diagnosis and fast solutions.

How to fix an odometer that doesn't spin? The team of skilled technicians looks at the cluster from inside to the outside and performs a quick and affordable diagnosis to figure out the proper fix for the speedometer gauge. The shop has a few clusters in stock in case we have to switch them up, so take your time to review the site for price details and other relevant information. Contact us online to book an appointment for speedometer repairs.

Speedometer Repair
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Speedometer Repair
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