Car Repair Company

When you support a cheap car repair company in Nanaimo, BC its safe to say that you are casting a vote for their service in the consumer election of capitalism. We don't profess to be experts at the monetary policy or macroeconomics but simply put when you choose the best car repair company in British Columbia to work on your vehicle, you are supporting your candidate clear as day.

What makes a cheap car repair company successful? Volume is typically the key factor, since pricing is often more affordable which results in lower profits, but higher volume can cover the difference. Its safe to say that when you choose Dragon's Auto Repair and Tuning that you are not dealing with a volume car repair company and that you can come to expect quality repairs at an affordable price. The work is guaranteed and, while other cheap car repair services are available in town, none offer the value that Cam Gregoire delivers. Other companies like Midas and dealers simply don't bring the value that a local cottage industry like Dragon's offers.

For wheel alignments and brake replacements or engine rebuilds and timing belt fixes, our professional team can provide cheap car repairs for vehicles and affordable services for commercial trucking fleets. We have a huge inventory of parts in our network and ofen we can save you money on parts as well as labour. How do we do it? Its simple really, we cut the frills that you don't care about anyways like fancy logos and offices and free coffee. Our team of licensed TQ's are ready for your car repair services and truck repair solutions and we offer after hours services if scheduling your fleet repairs is a challenge.