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It's difficult to drive around with a damaged axle because it affects the performance of the car by limiting the transmission of power and wheel movement. Prompt repair is the only way to keep your vehicle moving as expected if you're having trouble with your axles. Aycock Frame & Body Shop is an axle repair shop in High Point, NC, where we offer reliable repairs or replacements for all axle problems.

Types of Car Axles

There are two main types of axles:

  • Semi-Floating Axles -These are axles that have the shaft and wheel hub as one attached to each other. In this setting, the axle shaft is responsible for supporting the vehicle’s load, and for power transmission. Semi-Floating axles are applicable in lightweight cars that don't carry heavy loads.
  • Full-Floating Axles – Full-floating axles have axle shafts and wheel hubs that are separate from each other. Unlike the semi-floating type where the shaft supports the wheel hub, full-floating axles are supported by a spindle that’s bolted to the axle tube. This transfers the weight of the vehicle to the tube instead of the shaft. The shaft, on the other hand, transmits power to the wheels. These types of axles can be found in vehicles that have a heavy load capacity.

How Many Axles Does A Car Have?

The number of axles of a vehicle depends on the pairs of wheels it has. For instance, a car with two pairs of wheels has two axles. These include the front axle which supports the two front wheels and the rear axle for the wheels at the back. A vehicle with three different sets of wheels will have three axles.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Axles for Your Car?

Here are factors to consider when looking for car axles:

  • Design – Axles come in different designs, with the most common being the split drive axles. This means that each wheel is suspended independently, and can, therefore, be controlled differently from the other. In other designs, the shaft is not split. It's up to you to weigh the cons and pros of each design to determine the one that works best for you.
  • Type – You can choose between semi-floating and full-floating axles, depending on the needs of your vehicle. Since full-floating axles are heavier, they can work better on bigger vehicles such as trucks. Semi-floating axles, which are lighter, are ideal for smaller cars.
  • Vehicle Weight – You should consider the load capacity of your vehicle when looking for an axle. Since the axle supports the weight of the vehicle, you need to ensure it has been manufactured to withstand the kind of loads you’ll be carrying around. Using an unsuitable axle for a heavyweight vehicle, for instance, can cause it to bend or break after a short while. The axle also affects performance in terms of steering or power transmission.

Get Your Axles Fixed Fast

Your vehicle’s axles are integral to the drivability and performance of your vehicle. With time, your axles will wear out because of their flexibility as well as the extreme conditions they endure. If you feel resistance or your wheels hesitate when turning, your axles may be the problem. Driving a car with old or damaged axles will only lead to costly repairs, eventually. So, if you notice the first sign of trouble, contact us on (336) 272-1313 or bring your vehicle to our axle repair shop in High Point, NC, for proper diagnosis and repairs or replacements.

Axle Repair Shop In High Point Nc
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Axle Repair Shop In High Point Nc
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