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Alko Brakes

The AL-Ko brand is synonymous with safety and quality all around the world. AL-KO clients appreciate the quality of the engineering and trust that the manufacturers include critical functionalities and features. The market has a flood of replica parts from several manufacturers.

Downsides of replica brakes

  • Replica brakes can have shockingly similar looks to the original piece. The untrained eye will not note the non-ferrous metals within the pad and weak connections that cause premature failure.
  • Replica brakes suffer a significant amount of rust formation, whereas original Alko brakes do not contain any metal
  • Replica brakes experience more wear in a shorter period because of the brittle protective sheath and small braking surface areas
  • Extreme noise and chatter when pulling cables with replica brakes
  • The cable efficiency reduces by approximately ten percent in comparison to original parts
  • Replica components experience water ingression and possible freezing due to the weak protective rubber sheath

Benefits of buying original Alko brakes

Value of cost

Replica Al-Ko brakes are nearly identical but less expensive than original ones. They have a high susceptibility to corrosion and pose a severe detriment to road safety. The difference in quality affects the eventual cost of servicing the brakes. Replica parts are expensive to maintain because they need frequent adjustments and installation of features.

Resistance to corrosion

Trailer brake shoes that stick to the brake drum are likely to experience rust issues. One would have to tear the brake shoe from the drums for significant repairs. Buying original parts eliminates all problems related to rust corrosion and ensures a longer-lasting braking performance.

Corrosion protection

Alko cables do not have any chatter, in comparison to replica ones. This test is usually actuated after 240 hours in the salt spray chamber. The protective rubber sheath causes severe signs of wear and tear during the endurance test. The protective rubber sheath stays tight and clean throughout and prevents moisture ingression to the best possible extent.


Tested replica parts have serious deficiencies due to their reduced safety levels. Original Al-Ko parts are the best for performance driving, trailers, and other high-risk conditions.

Qualities to identify quality Alko brakes

  • Trusted name brand – Alko brake pads will save your life because they have proven their efficiency with hundreds of clients
  • Warranty – Many retailers offer warranties designed to cater to the eventual wear. The warranty is a good indicator if the guaranteed quality. Talk to Standard Axle about the warranty of your specific purchase before you check out of the store
  • Certificates – The two most important certifications of brake pads should be Brake Effectiveness Procedures and Differential Effectiveness Analysis
  • Weather – Good brakes should maintain top-notch friction and performance in dry, warm, muddy or cold conditions
  • Maximum Operating Temperature – Check the value, so you know what will authenticate the safety of the brakes before disintegration
  • Rotor performance – The brake pad and rotor should last an exceedingly long time without developing noise, vibration, and abnormal functions

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